A great Folk Rock band, that will entertain you, with amazing harmonies, numerous talented musicians and evenings that you will never forget



Baz- 07771896677

Max 07916173517

Email: sprigganmist@sky.com


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Spriggan Mist
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Spike studied classical guitar as a young kid, discovered rock & blues as a teenager, eventually moving on to jazz and then somehow (and it still baffles him how this happened) ending up being offered money to play pop. As a guitar-gun-for-hire in the Eighties he played with a wide range of artists, some big, some small, some who went on to do great things, some who rose without trace. He’s worked with Nik Kershaw, Icehouse, backed Shirley Bassey and was part of the Capital Radio musicians crew back in the day. Nowadays he divides his time between various bands & projects, and when Baz got in touch Spike was immediately struck by the power & catchiness of Spriggan Mist’s songs and the determination the band had to develop & refine its exciting, unique fusion of what he (not disparagingly) likes to describe as “twiddly-dee gone rock.” He would also like it on record that contrary to Max’s claims he was not in fact a founder member of The Cheeky Girls. (Even if he does have the requisite assets.)


 Deputy Guitarist